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Appliances like washing machines, cleaning equipment, coffee machines, fans heaters and toasters can all provide a hazard for electrical shocks if the equipment is outdated or faulty. The only way to know is to test it - if it has a plug, then it should have regular tag testing in the workplace or at home. 

Whether an appliance is old or second hand does not mean it isn't safe but it could be an indicator. It's important to check cable leads for fray or if the appliance is not working as it should - this should be a signal that you should stop using it immediately and contact us so we can advise on its safety or maintenance. 

All electrical safety tests should be conducted by a trained Electrical Appliance Technician. 

One of the first steps in Appliance Check's electrical safety testing is to perform a visual inspection of the appliance - an expert look can usually tell whether an appliance is damaged, and what may have caused it! 

A technician will then perform and compile the results of a portable appliance testing tool run. These diagnostics will provide a documented base to cover whether something is damage and if not, it can provide a baseline for future testing requirements in your Health and Safety Plan.

Earth leakage is current that leaks from a circuit to the ground. It usually goes through a ground conductor which is especially protected because of the insulation around the flow. 

Some earth leakage is normal! However, this can become a problem when it causes 'tripping' unnecessarily or intermittently. 

However, the most common cause of leakage of a circuit's current is poor or inadequate materials. 

If your 'hard-wired' equipment is not working as it should, contact us today and we can arrange testing and peace of mind. 

The Process

By outsourcing testing to our professional team you will save yourself time and money, receive an independent safety audit and be confident your testing has been carried out by a trained and independent professional PAT tester.

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