How Testing Works

By outsourcing testing to our professional team you will save yourself time and money, receive an independent safety audit and be confident your testing has been carried out by a trained and independent professional PAT tester.


Testing will be carried out under electrical standard AS/NZS 3760 Code of Practice for In-Service Inspection and Testing. This testing includes (as detailed in 3760 Code of Practice): portable appliances, movable or transportable equipment/appliances, hand-held appliances, stationary equipment/appliances, fixed appliances, IT equipment, extension leads and RCD's.


a) The flex and plug top will be inspected for any damage, ensuring it is free from cuts, fraying or stress b) The appliance will be inspected to ensure that it is in good working order, including ensuring that it switches on and off properly and the casing or cabinet has no damage that could result in access to live parts

Inspections Testing

a) Polarity test b) Earth continuity test (not carried out on Class II appliances as they have no earth) c) Insulation resistance test to 500v d) Earth leakage test


a) A test label will be attached to each appliance with the barcode ID, test and re-test date b) Appliances that fail testing will be labelled with a DO NOT USE tag and identified to the appropriate staff member c) We have several types of tags to suit different work environments i.e. A large hard wearing industrial Tuff Tag would not be appropriate in a hotel room


a) A register of all equipment tested will be compiled on the day b) Appliances that fail testing will be labelled DO NOT USE and reported to an appropriate staff member c) A report of the testing will detail the names (and numbers) of appliances tested, their location, the number of failed items and recommended re-test dates


a) A full appliance register is sent showing all of your appliances grouped by their location b) This register can also be used as an asset register c) This register is available digitally on request


We offer a range of Industry specific services, whether your in the education sector through to small and large businesses it's important to know what the legal requirements are for your situation.

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