Keeping your laboratories and your employees electrically safe is vitally important.

Current Health and Safety legislation states that employers must take all reasonable steps to provide a safe workplace.


Accidents happen and the best you can do is take all preemptive measures to eliminate faults that could compromise safety and ultimately cost you time and money. Testing your appliances with Appliance Check on a regular cycle is a key step towards achieving this goal.

Appliance Check staff are experienced at working in PC1 and PC2 labs and will work in conjunction with your lab manager to accommodate any specific requirements.

Testing Cycles

Laboratory appliances fall under categories which require annual testing. Computers are classified as low risk appliances and only require inspection every 5 years.

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  • It all starts with a simple phone call or an email.
  • An information pack containing general electrical safety material and a non-obligatory quote created to the specifics of your business premises will be send out shortly after.
  • Upon acceptance, a time for testing that least interrupts your daily operations will be arranged.
  • The testing will be conducted in an orderly manner by one or several Appliance Check employees carrying identification and certified test equipment.
  • All inspected appliances will be tagged (with company name, date, premises, inspection no.) and recorded on a data sheet.
  • Any failed items will be labeled "DO NOT USE" and identified to an appropriate staff member. Failed items must be repaired, taken out of commission or disposed of.
  • After testing is complete a hard copy 'Appliance Register' (digital format is also available) outlining every individual item inspected will be sent to your business.
  • Once you are in the system, you no longer have to worry about your future testing dates, Appliance Check will send you an automated reminder before your next inspection date so you can be sure you will always be fully compliant.
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Appliance Register

After testing is complete you will be sent a complete register of all items checked, their location and any items that may have failed inspection. This register can double as an asset register or inventory of all your portable appliances.

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The Process

By outsourcing testing to our professional team you will save yourself time and money, receive an independent safety audit and be confident your testing has been carried out by a trained and independent professional PAT tester.



We offer a range of Industry specific services, whether your in the education sector through to small and large businesses it's important to know what the legal requirements are for your situation.

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